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Were There Actually Votes Dumped in the Middle of the Night?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

For many Americans, there are a number of unanswered questions about the 2020 election, leading to a distrust in elections. This is an issue for our country and our democratic process.

One common question is: “were there actually hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden dumped in the middle of the night?” Longtime Tennessee Republican Weston Wamp researched this question, and found that there were not.

Most of the ballots counted overnight in 2020 were absentee/mail-in ballots, counted later than in person votes from the day of. This was due to state policies regarding when to count absentee/mail-in ballots. In Pennsylvania, for example, a state where this was a concern, election policies did not allow for election workers to even start preparing to count absentee ballots until the morning of the election, creating a backlog of votes to count. This is why they were not counted until the night. Other states, such as Florida, process ballots as they are received, thus avoiding this backlog and confusion. The 2020 election saw the most absentee ballots ever cast, due to issues regarding COVID-19 and the inability for many to vote in person.

Many of the absentee votes counted later were also in favor of Joe Biden, a concern for many. The reason for this is not that Democrats cheated, but because Biden urged his supporters to vote by mail, while Trump asked his supporters to vote in person, which is ultimately how their supporters voted. Thus, more absentee ballots, which were counted later in some states, were typically in favor of Biden, compared to in-person votes which were often more in favor of Trump.



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