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Trump Indicted Again: Former President Facing Multiple Felony Charges from Washington Grand Jury

Trump Facing Four Charges For Conspiring Against the United States

Photo by CNBC

Former President Donald J. Trump has been indicted for his endeavors to overturn the 2020 election, following an extensive federal investigation into his attempts to retain power after losing the presidency.

The indictment, filed by special counsel Jack Smith in Federal District Court in Washington, charges Trump with three conspiracies: defrauding the United States, obstructing the certification of the Electoral College vote, and depriving people of their right to have their votes counted. He also faces a fourth count of obstructing an official proceeding.

The indictment outlines how Trump and six co-conspirators used various tactics to reverse his election defeat, including promoting false claims of fraud, pressuring the Justice Department, and orchestrating false electors pledged to him in states won by Joseph R. Biden Jr. It also highlights Trump's pressure on Vice President Mike Pence to use these fake electors to subvert the certification on January 6, 2021, which culminated in the Capitol violence.

Though the co-conspirators are unnamed, their actions seem to align with individuals close to Trump, such as Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman. These co-conspirators could also face charges and are likely under pressure to cooperate with investigators.

The indictment contains both familiar details and new information, exposing Trump's intent to remain in power despite losing the election. It points out that Trump was repeatedly informed that his claims of fraud were false, but he persisted in making them.

This development marks an unprecedented moment in U.S. history, with a former president charged for attempting to use government power to undermine democracy and hold onto office against the voters' will.

Trump's lead lawyer on the case, John Lauro, has already indicated the beginning of his defense, questioning whether Trump genuinely believed the voter fraud allegations were false.

These charges come after more than two and a half years of investigation and a series of high-profile hearings by the House Jan. 6 committee. They signify an additional legal challenge for Trump, as he already faces charges in Florida regarding national defense documents.

Facing at least three potential criminal trials next year while simultaneously campaigning for the presidency, Trump's legal battles seem set to continue well into the future.


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