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The Majority of Americans Support America’s New Economic Agenda

What is it about the Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill that has Americans from Main st America to big cities coming together to support America’s Economic Growth?

Most Americans, from big cities to small towns, support a new economic plan that will “establish a universal pre-K program, expand Medicare for seniors to include hearing coverage, and lower health care costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.”

More than 60% of Americans support the Build Back Better Act. And for good reason. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that the Build Back Better Act will support 2.3 million jobs per year in its first five years.

Americans especially support how the bill is going to be paid for– increasing taxes on billionaires and multi-millionaires with income over $10 million (many who have seen their wealth double and triple over the pandemic) and cracking down on tax evasion.

The bill has rare bipartisan support; 60% approval by Independents and 34% approval by Republicans. This collaborative support is rare these days where bills have a hard time getting both sides of the aisle to agree on anything.

The legislation also earns majority support from majorities across racial demographics, including 81 percent of Black Americans, 69 percent of Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders each, and 58 percent of white Americans.

You can learn more about the bill and how it could be one of the greatest boosts to the US economy in decades here.

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